Added Value

SAM Motion offers you decisive added value in terms of simplicity, resources and exclusivity.

All services are bundled by us and serve your project.

Contact for simply everything

No matter how many partners and third-party service providers are needed to make your project an absolute success, SAM Motion is your single point of contact. We take care of your training event, for example, accommodation for all participants, travel arrangements, as well as catering and entertainment. Above all, we plan your training and implement it in a targeted and efficient manner.

We bring it to the point

The entire service we offer is focused on the core of your project. For example, during a product launch event the entertainment during the dinner will support the key massages of the event. Everything - that is implemented, then serves the purpose of underlining the core of the training and thus "really" experienced and understood.

The starting point is always your project. We serve you as a central interface and bundle all our own services and resources, as well as necessary third-party services.

SAM Motion - All-In-One ConceptSAM Motion - All-In-One ConceptSAM Motion - All-In-One Concept

We are your single point of contact for all aspects of your project. Between you and us, all key data, such as milestones, goals and budget are worked out.

After that we take over.

You benefit from resources we have at our disposal. Everything from one source.

We are owners of several locations

Training, coaching and presentation are competences of SAM Motion. That is why we own several locations in which we offer you professional and exclusive possibilities. Training rooms with the most modern presentation technology or a whole center with high-quality light and sound technology, in which large events can take place, which can also be optionally driven on and equipped with lifting platforms etc. for the automotive sector. And since we are the owners of these locations, you benefit from their uncomplicated and smooth availability.

Very special equipment 

Tailored to your requirements, we offer you very special equipment. For trainings in the digital area, we own several VCT studios, for example. We own several vehicles for different purposes: Offroad driving, high performance driving, safety driving... Through us you get exclusive access to high speed test tracks and even to the strictly guarded Bosch test center in Boxberg. We also have really great fully automatic coffee machines ?.

To inquire a project or just to say "hello" feel free to contact us at

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