SAM Motion is a full-service consulting agency for education, training, project management, team building and events.

You have a project, a task or a qualification need? We support you in finding ideas and developing possible solutions and measures. The focus is on your goals, the time frame and the resources available to you.

If you wish, we are available to you as a sparring partner or develop different concepts ourselves according to your specifications.

Every process happens together with the customer: Every defined process is only as good as the people who carry it out. From the introduction of new IT tools to training programs lasting several months (e.g. certified automotive salesperson or certified service advisor), we develop individual measures tailored to your requirements and carry them out with highly qualified trainers.


Where does training end, where does training begin? This logic is self-evident in sports: Every professional soccer player knows how to handle the ball, yet regular training is necessary to be among the best.

This logic is self-evident in sports: Every professional soccer player knows how to handle the ball, yet regular training is necessary to be among the best. This is our approach: Even if the basics have been understood in a seminar, the implementation often fizzles out in the day-to-day business. We accompany you and your employees in the implementation of new ideas and processes; this does not have to be on-site and costly but can also be done efficiently in a digital was via virtual Classroom Coaching and follow-up.

The internal resources of a company are mostly designed for continuous business. Extensive projects such as product launches, expansion of sales structures or introductions of new IT systems therefore often lead to a complete overload or to a frustrating and inefficient project implementation.

At this point we support you with a 360-degree project approach. We manage individual sub-projects, also together with your existing partners, or -if you wish- as a single point of contact, the entire project up to the financial handling of additional service providers, so that you can focus on your key task, but constantly receive the reporting you need.

A reorganization has been completed, a expansion is underway, everyone has a lot to do, but somehow there is still "sand in the gears".

How do new team members work together with experienced employees? Up to now, we have worked against each other, how is this supposed to work together now? Fewer people, more work, that doesn't work well?

All these questions often occupy employees and tie up energy. We support you by analyzing the situation and developing measures to bring the team together. Our approach is not to walk over hot coals with your employees, but to tackle the problems with the team in moderated workshops, to find possible solutions and to strengthen the community. Of course, with elements and activities  that inspire the employees, bring them together as a team and increase the working atmosphere.

A successfully completed project, a record result, an incentive for salespeople.

Motivation through enthusiasm: Especially in sales, the topic "incentive" is still a success factor that should not be underestimated. We organize your events, from emotional experiences to incentive trips.

Three areas whose combination makes us unique

Your time is precious and that is why we are committed to you as a full-service partner. On the one hand, we are the single point of contact for you to all questions, concerns and service providers around your project. On the other hand, we also carry out education programs, trainings or other activities ourselves, that fit to your project. The basis of our consulting activities is our deep-rooted know-how and many years of experience in implementing a wide variety of projects.

We are composed of three areas: process development, project implementation and event organization. Each of them is already a reason of existence for some companies. SAM Motion is characterized by the fact that we have merged these fields in a meaningful and efficient way, among other things to make your world a little bit easier.

You have planned everything and yet your customer satisfaction scores are not where you would like them to be.

We define new process flows with you or analyze your existing processes and implement them together with you and your employees. We sustainably review the success of the new processes and further optimize them to achieve your goals.

If desired, we can manage individual sub-projects together with your existing partners as well as the entire project independently. We are also happy to take over the financial handling of other service providers, so that you can focus fully on your "key" task. Of course including the necessary reporting.

A successfully completed project, a record result, a competition for employees or a major product launch. We organize your event and have a lot to offer for it.

Experience and competence perfectly complemented

SAM Motion stands for Stefan Hoy, Armin Eckl and Michael Butzen. Each is distinguished by years of topic- and industry-specific experience. Together as SAM Motion, we offer you a unique experience of collaboration.

Stefan Hoy Stefan Hoy

Stefan Hoy

Armin Eckl Armin Eckl

Armin Eckl

Michael Butzen Michael Butzen

Michael Butzen

To inquire a project or just to say "hello" feel free to contact us at info@sam-motion.de

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